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Anyone who is serious about making money on the internet knows they need a vast supply of QUALITY Leads.



For those of you looking for higher quality leads,
here are our
GOLD and PLATINUM packages:

GOLD Package:
  • 4,000 Regular e-mail leads EVERY DAY
  • 550 AutoResponder leads EVERY DAY
    • Opt-In & Fresh (7 to 21 days old)
    • This is the complete list of their full name, address, IP, email and date/time stamp.
    • These leads are better quality than the Regular Leads and will give you a better response rate.
  • 30 Surveyed Leads EVERY DAY
    • If you have worked with Surveyed Leads before you'll know they are highly reponsive but very expensive.
    • Because Key2Net is buying millions of these leads monthly, we have access to volume pricing and therefore can give them out to our members at much lower prices than anyone else.
    • This list of Daily Surveyed Leads ALONE can build your downline of 5-10 members OVERNIGHT. We have many examples of our members to whom this has happened.
    • They are around 2-4 weeks old and can be 8 question or 9 question surveyed leads.
    • The Leads come with full name, phone number, email address, home address, date/time stamp and IP address.
    • Click Here to see some sample Surveyed Leads

This is a total of 4580 leads EVERY DAY

Price of GOLD Membership:
$55 USD/month


  • includes all the benefits of the GOLD Membership:
    • 4,000 Regular e-mail leads EVERY DAY
    • 550 AutoResponder leads EVERY DAY
  • PLUS:
    • 30 Surveyed Leads EVERY DAY
      (They are at least 1 week FRESHER than the GOLD Surveyed)

Here is the greatest benefit
of becoming a PLATINUM Member:

ONE (1) Real-Time
Phone Interviewed Lead per DAY

  • Here's the scoop on these amazing leads:
    • 24-48hrs old (they were just interviewed on the phone) - IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!

    • Investment level will vary between $500-$1500 - This is how much money they are willing to invest in a program which they think it will work for them

    • As of right now, we are the only company getting them

    • All phone interviews with the lead have been recorded and are on file

    We CANNOT guarantee
    the supplies of these leads
    as they are

    However, everyone who is a Platinum Member
    will be guaranteed to receive them.
    Upgrade now and start making more sales!

This is a total of 4580 leads EVERY DAY
plus 1 REAL-TIME Phone Interviewed Lead

Price of PLATINUM Membership:
$70 USD/month


These contacts could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you in future commissions. They can build your down line overnight! No matter what program you are now promoting, you NEED this list!

This is simply the BEST way to send the word out about a product and/or service you really believe in. And you know what?

Here's what some of our members are saying:

"Your Key2Net program and quality leads you've supplied are the best value, fresh, correct & accurate, saving us countless hours and money over any other lead program we've previously tried.  Thank You!"

Russ Graeff
Marshall, Illinois - USA

"I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the leads! We had a very good response from them! This has been a wise investment! Thanks again for this great service!"

Jim Ragsdale
Spokane, Washington - USA

"WOW! Your arsenal of QUALITY SURVEYED LEADS and not to mention AutoResponder Leads saved me time and money in promoting my business. I obtain regular sign-ups for multiple programs I advertise. This is definitely a great package for any serious marketer!"

Terry Baker
Quebec City, Quebec - Canada


So what are you waiting for? You got nothing to lose!
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