Affiliate Program

At Key2Net we believe in providing high quality leads with great response rates for low fees. From our experience, we know this program sells and the people who join it are excited with the results they get by using our leads. We strongly believe in giving our members the best leads money can buy. This is why our affiliate program is in place: to give you a chance to make a good, stable income by promoting Key2Net memberships. Please read below to find out more information.

Commissions per Membership Type:

We will pay a commission of the sale of every user you refer to who joins in your downline. Here are our ongoing rates:

User Type Cost of Key2Net Membership
(this is how much your downline pays us)
(this is how much we pay you)
Regular $20.00 USD per month $5.00 USD per month
GOLD $55.00 USD per month $10.00 USD per month
PLATINUM $70.00 USD per month $15.00 USD per month

The commission is recurring for as long as that member stays with the program and pays their fees. This means we will send payments to your PayPal account, every month. Therefore, please make sure the PayPal e-mail address in your profile is accurate. We are not responsible for incorrect or misspelled PayPal e-mail addresses.

One-Up System:

Key2Net's Affiliate Program works on the One-Up System. This means you will be paid on the second member you refer into Key2Net and every other member you refer from there on (ie, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on). The first person in your downline (1st) goes to your sponsor/referrer. In addition to this, the first person someone in your downline refers to Key2Net goes to you also.

Affiliate URL:

In order to enlist someone in your downline, use your affiliate URL (which can be found on the "My Profile" page, after you log in). The affiliate URL looks like this: (user needs to be replaced with your username.)

For example: John wants to enlist Mary in his downline. John first needs to find out his affiliate URL. He logs into the system and goes to "My Profile" page. At the bottom of this page he sees his affiliate URL, which is
John sends this link to Mary. When Mary clicks on this link, she is taken to the website where she notices at the top, right underneath the navigation, the words: "Presented by: john". After Mary reads over the front page and she decides to join, she will be added to John's downline and John will be paid a commission of the sale.


Payments are sent to your PayPal account 7-14 days after we have received the payment from your downline. This is to ensure your downline's payments have cleared.