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Welcome to Our mission is to provide high quality single opt-in AutoResponder and Surveyed leads at affordable prices. This tutorial was developed to help you understand how to make more sales and make more money using your Key2Net leads. If you follow this tutorial you will diminish the amount of SPAM complaints you receive and become more productive. So here we go!



Terms and Conditions

Before we start, please make sure you read the all the Terms and Conditions. Please click here to read them. We know it is not the greatest piece of literature out there, but make sure you read entirely and thereby abide to it by using the leads. This will spare you a lot of headaches in the long run and help you increase your profits.


How to use Key2Net

Key2Net provides single opt-in leads on three levels of membership: Regular, GOLD and PLATINUM. Here is a detailed comparison between the three types of accounts:

Account Type What you get Price (US dollars)
  • 2000 Regular AutoResponder leads - DAILY
    (shared with another 3-5 people per day)
$ 20.00
  • 2000 Regular AutoResponder leads - DAILY
    (shared with another 3-5people per day)

  • 2000 GOLD AutoResponder leads - DAILY
    (shared with another 3-5 people per day)

  • 550 GOLD AutoResponder leads - DAILY
    (shared with another 1-3 people per day)

  • 30 GOLD Surveyed leads - DAILY
    (shared with another 1-2people per day)
$ 55.00
  • 2000 Regular AutoResponder leads - DAILY
    (shared with another 3-5 people per day)

  • 2000 GOLD AutoResponder leads - DAILY
    (shared with another 3-5 people per day)

  • 550 GOLD AutoResponder leads - DAILY
    (shared with another 1-3 people per day)

  • 30 PLATINUM Semi-Exclusive
    Surveyed leads - DAILY
  • Fresher by 1 week over Gold (shared with at most another person per day)
$ 70.00
The best value out of the 3 types of accounts is the PLATINUM level.
If you are a serious marketer you should seriously consider it.

Individuals who use Key2Net leads already have a product / service / offer which they are trying to promote and make a profit out of it. If you do not have something to promote, please consider our affiliate program. Getting started with your Key2Net leads is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1: Registration

    1. Go to to click on the "Join Now" button or the "Registration" link at the top of the page.

    2. Select your Membership Type: Regular, GOLD or PLATINUM.

    3. Fill out all the fields on the form and click the "Submit" button.

    4. If the transaction is successful, a receipt will be issued and within 24h our Account Activation Department will call you at the phone number provided on the registration form to validate your information and activate your account.


Step 2: Where are my Leads?

Assuming you have completed the registration step successfully, please login into the system using the username and password which you have chosen at the registration step. If you forgot your password, click on the "Lost Password?" link at the bottom of the "Login" page and an e-mail will be sent to you with your password. Use this password to login into your account

The leads are on the "Leads" link on the left hand side of the screen, after you logged in. On the Leads page you will see links to your DAILY leads which will depend on your membership type. If you click on one of these links, a page will open containing your leads. At the top of the page there is an "Export to CSV" link which if you click on it and save the file on your computer will have the leads in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format that can easily be opened with MS Excel and you will have your leads in columns. You can then format your leads in this program and adjust the columns around to be compatible with your AutoResponder.


Step 3: What do I do with these Leads?

Depending on your membership type you will receive anywhere between 2,000 (Regular account) to 4,550 (GOLD and PLATINUM accounts) AutoResponder leads per day. So you might be wondering how you can contact so many people per day without your correspondence getting labeled as SPAM. The answer is an AutoResponder service.

Key2respond Autoresponder Mailer Starting at $29.00 monthly, import up to 2,000 leads daily, Brodcast. can send out 2,000 email per day.

What is an AutoResponder?

An AutoResponder is a subscription based service which enables you to send anywhere between 2,000 to 5,000 e-mails per day. However, when using this service is still important to be aware of the SPAM laws and what to do in order to safely send your e-mails. Please be aware that Key2Net leads are single opt-in, therefore you need to double-opt them in to be able to send them more than one e-mail, otherwise it is considered SPAM.


So how good are your leads?

We get this questions many times. Here's our guarantee: our leads are your best bang for the buck! No other company comes even close to the quality and prices which we offer to our members. All the leads are checked to make sure the IP is valid (ie: it is the proper format, and it is not a multi-cast IP). We remove all the AOL, MSN, and HotMail e-mail addresses and all of our leads come with Date/Time Stamp.

We have been for over 6 years in this business and more than 90% of our customers are happy with the leads which in return make them numerous sales and put more money in their pockets. 9 out of 10 customers know that it does work! The other 1 out of 10 is either new to Internet Marketing or is doing something wrong.


Affiliate Program

Key2Net's Affiliate Program is available here. Most of our members make anywhere between $200.00 US - $700.00 US / MONTH promoting Key2Net. This is not a "get rich quick" scheme. Our program works and we stand 100% behind it. Everyone who is doing Internet Marketing will always be on the lookout for high quality leads at affordable prices. So why not sell to them and make some residual income from it?


Ooops! I received a SPAM complaint

All of our leads are single-opt in. When you are contacting the daily leads which you get from Key2Net please remember you can NOT send them more than one e-mail which is a request for them to opt in again (this is called a double opt-in.) Once the lead has re-confirmed his/her intentions by replying back to your initial e-mail, you may then send them more than one follow-up e-mails containing the details of your offer. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, IT IS CONSIDERED SPAMMING AND IT WILL GET YOU IN ALOT OF TROUBLE.

However, if you double opted your prospects in properly and you still received a SPAM complaint, please send the person investigating the complaint the full details of the lead as obtained from the Key2Net website on the "Leads" page (ie: contact info, data/time stamp, IP, etc.).


Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to see FAQ page.


Help! I read EVERYTHING, but I'm still STUCK

If none of the answers on this page resolve your problem / concern / question, please contact us at: We will do our best to assist you.